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A surface lift is a means of cable transport that transports skiers and snowboarders, in which riders remain on the ground as they are pulled uphill.Once prevalent, they have gradually been overtaken in popularity by higher-capacity aerial lifts like chairlifts and the gondola lift.

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Whereas many platter lifts are fairly similar to T-bars and J-bars with the stick attached to a spring box by a retractable cord, Pomas have a detachable grip to the tow cable with the button connected to the grip by a semi-rigid pole.Before tows, only people willing to walk uphill could ski.Suddenly relatively nonathletic people could participate, greatly increasing the appeal of the sport.Today, surface lifts are most often found on beginner slopes and very small ski areas.They are often utilized at glacier skiing resorts because their supports can be anchored in glacier ice due to the lower forces.A J-bar closely resembles a T-bar, except that each carrier holds only one passenger.

The platter lift consists of an aerial steel rope loop running over a series of wheels, powered by an engine at one end.The Shawbridge tow was quickly copied at Woodstock, Vermont, in New England, in 1934 by Bob and Betty Royce, proprietors of the White Cupboard Inn.Their tow was driven by the rear wheel of a Ford Model A.It consists of an aerial cable loop running over a series of wheels, powered by an engine at one end.Hanging from the rope are a series of vertical recoiling cables, each attached to a T- or J-shaped bar measuring about a meter in both dimensions.It was considered a great improvement over the rope tow.

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