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He takes the stage dressed formally, looking more like a funeral-home director than a blue-collar worker. has never been particularly interested in properly opening or closing his comedy sets. “So I think abortion is, um, here’s what I think,” he says to an awkward laugh from the audience. He’s underrated as an avuncular, friendly comic, a grump who still has the kind of charisma that can command an audience no matter how taboo the subject. “I think that women should be allowed to kill babies,” he says, immediately mocking the automatic cheer this gets from the audience. That investment, coupled with a lack of other distractions, seems to have emboldened C. is full of funny digressions, silly voices, and the kind of dark observational material about his life and family that C. has delved into tough topics, but in ways that are designed to bring the audience along with him. wants to start things off by making people shift in their seats nervously. But the opener is unusual in that it serves as a sort of mission statement for the rest of the special. With something that’s never been very present in his stand-up. He offers rhapsodic praise of love in a way only he can—warning, “Don’t be greedy and expect it to last.” He dissects the myth of Achilles, reframing it as a story of the impossible task every parent faces in trying to satisfy and protect their children. After his incredible run of five great specials from 2007 to 2011 (hasn’t aired a new episode since 2015 (it remains on “hiatus”), but in the last couple of years, the landscape for comedians has dramatically changed. But Netflix has now begun sinking hundreds of millions of dollars into the rights to specials from big names like Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, John Mulaney, and others. But it’s also drilling down to deeper, more conceptual questions about life. It’s an impressive return—and a further indication that the hour-long comedy special is an art form with plenty of life left in it.

"That’s how stupid men are." He explains that, for a man, every time a man has sex with a woman, it's "the greatest thing that ever happened in his life," while, for a woman, "'bout 40 percent of the time, she’s being fucked by a guy, she's thinking … "She’s not needy, you idiot, she’s horny, because you did nothing for her." For years, C. had many women, feminist thinkers included, on his side.

According to the article, the star's father, who split from his mother when Louis was two-years-old, has recently taken his half sister Georgia to the Nottingham leg of the band's tour to see her brother perform.

Troy reportedly split from Louis' mother Johanna when he was still a tot and last saw him two years ago when the star got in contact to tell his father that he had been put into a band on The X Factor.

He forcibly tries to make her stay in his apartment and kiss him. said that the scene was supposed to represent his character “trying to figure out what” was going on between him and Pamela. We even thought it was funny when we tried it.” Well, not exactly, Adlon countered. “When we got through the scene, I said I think we might be in trouble.

He holds onto her, pulls up her shirt, holds the door shut, and finally makes her accept an unwanted kiss. TV critics weighed in quickly on the scene, debating what C. was trying to say with the scene and wondering if he understood that the scene had overtones of rape. “Sometimes, you put something out there and it gets a different reaction,” he said. Someone’s going to be mad,” the actress and writer said. first claimed that he didn’t read any of the articles written about the scene, he couldn’t stand to lie.

masturbated in front of them or over the phone, or requested to masturbate in front of them. K.'s alleged proclivity when I moved to Los Angeles in early 2013.

Heart disease.", he mocks men for wondering why women don't want to have sex with them more.

[Rape is] a real serious and bad thing,” he said during Saturday’s Television Critics Association press tour.

prepared himself for questions about a controversial episode of his FX series, “Louie,” which was dubbed the “Date Rape” scene. “I don’t think you can call it rape, it was a kiss on the mouth.

the comedian asked if he could masturbate while they were in the room, or masturbated in front of them or during phone calls. Wolov and Goodman never received an apology, but said they felt bullied by C.

After their alleged encounters, two of the women say, C. K.’s powerful manager Dave Becky — who represents Kevin Hart, Aziz Ansari, and Amy Poehler, among others — to stop discussing the alleged incident in the Aspen hotel room.

What’s the argument against ending it all right now?