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At first blush, we might be tempted to ascribe this to their perfectionism and, to some extent, this may be warranted.But according to type theory, we would expect INFJs perfectionistic hang-ups to relate more to Se matters i.

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While good at delivering critiques and judgments, they may appear closed or hypersensitive as recipients.

Advice for ENFJ, be patient with the INFJ because once they give you their time and trust they will almost never give it back. Understand they have their layers that you must grow into because there is a very precious core underneath.

I am public relations studies major and he is pre-med. We are constantly learning and perfecting each other.

Because perfectionists are often operating under unconscious assumptions, they may not realize that they’re even practicing perfectionism at all.

Here are three kinds of perfectionist patterns that can really cause problems.

Consequently, their romantic relationships often take on the teacher-pupil or parent-child pattern.

In fact, any relationship comprised of a J-type and P-type seems to carry this potential.

This communication helps build trust and clarifies the INFJs intentions.

The ENFJ is prone to feeling hurt when the INFJ critiques the functioning of the household, this comes from the INFJs want for perfectionism.

If you get frustrated at having to cut short your research, or must proceed with what seems like incomplete information, you may feel like the only one who cares about excellence in a world of slap-dashers.

Don’t let your standards sabotage your job performance!

Of course there are some professions where “perfect” is required.