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This process is called a virtuous cycle, and it works because Uber understands that only one group of people matters in this equation: The riders. If you create an amazing experience for women in online dating, they will use your platform.If every woman uses your platform, men will have no choice but to flock it.


As with any app, when you scale to such incredible size, your user base is going to include some people you wish it didn’t — in this case, creepy guys who spam the women they match against with uncomfortable messages.You only told your friends you were dating online difficult to build up any word-of-mouth momentum.At one point, my company actually spent ,000 on a single Spring Break promotion to try and stir some word-of-mouth excitement — and earned ourselves a whopping 0 new signups.“Here’s an idea: What if we throw parties at a bunch of different college campuses around the country?We invite the sororities with the hottest college girls we can find, and have the frat guys show up.Finally, one of the girls got really frustrated and defensive, and she shouted, “That’s when it occurred to me — Tinder was going to change the entire landscape of online dating. For the first time, people weren’t afraid to talk about online dating in public — because it wasn’t “dating,” it was a game. In other online dating apps, when you matched or sent a message, you’d get a message that said something like, “There are more singles waiting to meet you!

”Tinder said, “Keep playing.”Tinder had made a game out of dating, and what do you do when you find a fun game? If you’re a new app trying to compete in a market with giant incumbents, as Tinder was, your product can’t be marginally better.

The only silver lining was that every dating service experienced this same frustration, meaning we weren’t alone in our struggle. Tinder did five genius things to get people talking about their service, and their results speak for themselves.

I’ve broken down all five of their masterstrokes below, starting with…When I first saw Tinder, I was at a bar in Manhattan.

If you had never used an online dating service, what would make you try it out?

In the past, dating services had tried things like sending prospective users advertisements and messages like this:“See who has a crush on you! Tinder figured that the thing that would motivate you to try out their service wasn’t the knowledge that other people had a crush on you, it was by telling you that your crush was using Tinder.

Then, tell everyone to download our app to get into the party.