Marriage and dating traditions in jamaica

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Marriage and dating traditions in jamaica - big beautiful women online dating

Catholic belief in Jamaica is influenced by a set of Afro-Jamaican cultural beliefs about witchcraft, evil spirits and possession called "Obeah." Jamaicans often ask Catholic clergy for rosaries and holy water, for anointing with oil, or for a home visit with incense to dispel an Obeah curse.Jamaican Catholicism is practiced at church and at home.

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The custom is to ring the church bells to announce the marriage to the inhabitants of the island.

However, African influences are also present in wedding ceremonies alongside Anglo-Saxon traditions, including the jumping the broom ceremony (pictured right).

The villagers are accustomed to take to the streets to witness the procession of the bride and groom and their families.

A wedding reception in the Caribbean often offers free-flowing rum punch and local dance is at the heart of the party.

People usually dance, eat and drink until the end of the night and on some islands, they start again the next day!

In Jamaica, Pentecostalist-style churches dominate the religious landscape.

Catholic churches almost always incorporate some element of Pentecostalist or charismatic worship, though the degree seems to vary by social class.However Caribbean marriages have also been heavily influenced by American traditions from the United States due to its geographical proximity.Therefore today in the Caribbean, it is extremely common for the bride and groom to hire a wedding planner, as many American couples do.In the Caribbean islands, weddings are often organized following the same main traditions.We'll take you to Jamaica and also we'll go to Cuba and Puerto Rico, discovering some typical wedding traditions on the way.People can mingle with the procession and may also follow the religious celebration in the church from the outside.

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