Buddhist thoughts on dating

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He travelled to the Kingdom of Khitan (916-1125) in north-east part of modern China near the Korean Peninsula to spread Buddhist philosophy.He is said to have translated 10 major Sutras into Chinese characters.

The disciples would then cover the body with a special paste made with stick rice to produce a so-called 'meat body Buddha'.I want to thank all of you who have been following along with me on this journey of mine to find out just who the heck this God character is, and why I shouldn’t want to punch “Him” in the face.It took me across a few countries, through several states, many states of mind, and a couple different religions, but I did finally find the answers that I was looking for.Later, he was named the national Buddhist Master of Khitan by the king.Some of his translations were engraved into stone tablets and can be seen today.I found it out a few months ago, but I still to this day am not quite sure how to write about it.

Life is kōan and like any great riddle part of the enlightenment comes through the quest itself – so I believe it would do little good to simply try to hand anyone the answers.

After the master passes away, the disciples would put his remains inside a large ceramic jar filled with natural anti-corrosive substances.

After three years, the disciples would remove the body from the jar.

Especially since, deep-down, I really want to fit in with everyone else…

go to a good service or two and sing about baby Jesus, light a candle, or whatever you all do. Or even if I do go, I just can’t forget the things that I know…

I don’t know yet how this will look when done, but like all good things it starts with an idea.

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