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Iovan confessed he hadn’t been that nervous since the birth of his second child and recommended all people who had the tendency of putting their health in danger to witness a transplant at least once in their lives.All seven took off from Băneasa-Aurel Vlaicu International Airport at PM, in the BN-2A-27 plane in which they froze every time they flew. In the morning, Iovan and his copilot had checked the weather and flight conditions, the airports and the general status of the aircraft.

The nose cone of the light British aircraft Britten-Normal BN-2A-27 Islander that had recently made it through the technical inspection slammed into thin elastic firs.The flight was assigned to Adrian Iovan, Zamfir’s friend and motorcycle race partner, the one who supported him and constantly made fun about his lack of time to grab a bite.At AM, Iovan, captain of the YR-BNP aircraft, a light plane with wide wings that joined over a body almost 11 meters long, submitted an instrumental flight plan to the Romanian Aviation Academy which informed the air space that the pilot would fly at high altitude, not seeing the ground and relying only on flight instruments and tower indications.Iovan pulled the yoke until the last moment, keeping its nose up and trying to land the plane on its tail, ripping its wings and sinking its trunk into a young forest covered by snow.He carried six people on board: surgeons Radu Zamfir (39) from the Fundeni Institute in Bucharest, Valentin Calu (42) from the Elias University Emergency Hospital, Cătălin Pivniceru (46) from Saint Marie Clinic Hospital in Bucharest, and Sorin Ianceu (37) from the Beiuș Municipal Hospital in Bihor County.Carmen Pantiș, called the national coordinator, Victor Zota, telling him that the family of a 64-year old woman agreed to donate her liver, kidney, and cornea.

The woman was found unconscious on Friday evening by her daughter and rushed to the Oradea County Clinic Hospital by ambulance.She stopped breathing on her way to the hospital, and doctors informed her children that she could no longer survive surgery.On Sunday, her brain ceased to function and started to liquefy.The pilot had arranged the passengers according to their weight.Răzvan Petrescu sat on the left, Adrian Iovan on the right.One by one, colleagues in uniform, friends, foes, and complete strangers lighted tapers and slowly headed back from where they came, lumbering on frozen alleys.

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