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In terms of cost, live dealer games appear to be much more money-consuming for online casinos compared to virtual casino games using a PRNG (pseudorandom number generator), for instance.Live dealer games require a much higher investment activity concentrated on technology and, of course, staffing.

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Second, every player prefers to interact with a real person in front of his/her computer monitor rather than interacting with a computer generated character image, or none at all.The typical live casino studio features one or more camera operators, a number of dealers to manage a variety of casino games, an IT expert to deal with any technical issues that may occur and a pit boss to step in and resolve any possible dispute between the dealer and the players.With live dealer games one is brought as close as possible to the actual gaming environment at a traditional (brick-and-mortar casino), which is the major factor to attract not only high roller players, but also players of other profiles.These tables will usually be positioned in a different manner at different live casinos.At some casinos, such as Smart Live Casino, one live roulette table will be located in one studio.Once the game has begun, the focus will be shifted to the second camera.

It has two major functions: to grant players a bird’s eye view of the roulette table and to allow them to have a plain sight of the spin outcome; to send automatically the image of the roulette wheel rotating to a server room-based computer, which has the so called optical character recognition (OCR) software on it.

The outcome in these games is randomly generated, though there are people who put this randomness into question.

Live dealer roulette games, on the other hand, are broadcasted with the help of a live video stream and produce outcomes, which are based on the ”weight of the ball spin”.

These games have gained enormous popularity in the recent years, because of the following two factors: First, every player prefers to witness how a person spins the roulette wheel in front of him/her in real time.

Or, he/she does not feel convenient enough hearing how fair and safe a particular casino is.

Social interaction brings the entire game to a new level, as it grants a player the opportunity to build a relationship, just as in a traditional (brick-and-mortar) casino.

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