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Despite her success in the US market with Robyn Is Here, My Truth was not released there.In 1999, Robyn contributed to Christian Falk's debut solo album Quel Bordel (What a Mess), appearing on the tracks "Remember" and "Celebration".

Singles "Keep This Fire Burning" and "Don't Stop the Music" graced playlists in Scandinavia and mainland Europe.

Robyn contributed vocals to Blacknuss' 1996 single "Roll with Me." She entered Sweden's pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 1997, as co-writer and producer of the song "Du gör mig hel igen" ("You Make Me Whole Again"), which was performed by Cajsalisa Ejemyr.

In Melodifestivalen 1997 the song ended up in fourth place.

It was essentially a condensed version of her debut album containing no material from her later releases.

In 2006, following her departure from BMG, Det Bästa Med Robyn (The Best of Robyn) was released in Sweden. Notable omissions from this release were the singles "Don't Stop the Music" and "Keep This Fire Burning".

In the US, it was ineligible to chart because there was no retail single available, but it reached number 32 on the Hot 100 Airplay chart.

The song "Show Me Love" was used prominently in the 1998 Lukas Moodysson film Fucking Åmål, and the song's title was used as the film's title in English-speaking countries.

Robyn released three more singles—"Who's That Girl?

", "Handle Me" and "Crash and Burn Girl"—from the eponymous LP, which proved immensely popular in Sweden.

The single "Electric" was a commercial success and propelled My Truth to the number two position in Sweden.

My Truth's theme was autobiographical and included the tracks "Universal Woman" and "Giving You Back".

In 2000, she appeared on the track "Intro/Fristil" on Petter's self-titled album.