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Single mother Caparas, 37, was relocated to North Hills 10 years ago with her five young children and was said by neighbours to be so poor she had to beg for leftovers.Today, she is believed to own 10 properties in the area, including a villa with a swimming pool and a two-storey block in the centre of the village where youngsters congregate in a billiard room lined with computer terminals.

Victims of the North Hills syndicate are said to include an Asian pop star and a Hong Kong tycoon’s son, who paid HKmil to stop his video being circulated, according to sources familiar with the investigation and inter­viewed by Post Magazine.She asked for more money and John said in his statement: “I thought it was not reasonable to give further money so I decided to make a report to Hong Kong police.” John’s humiliating experience in October 2013 is far from unique.He is one of thousands of men in Hong Kong and worldwide caught out by an astonishingly simple internet scam known as sextortion.“During the video chat I saw a female aged 20 to 25 with long hair and pale skin take off her dress in front of the camera.” Cheng then asked John to return the favour by performing a sex act on himself while she watched. “Then I logged off Skype and went back to my work.” Two hours later, his nightmare began.John received a Skype message from Cheng telling him she had recorded his performance and posted it on You Tube.In 2013 alone, according to the Philippines police, HKmil was remit­ted by Hong Kong victims to Western Union offices used by her gang.

After Daniel’s death, Caparas was arrested with dozens of other gang members in an Interpol swoop.

He was hounded by his tormentors to pay more and more money and – in messages found on his computer later – told he would be “better off dead” if he didn’t pay up.

He sent a final message to his blackmailers saying “bye, bye” before jumping to his death from the Forth Road Bridge.

HONG KONG: It was a quiet Tuesday after­noon at the Sha Tin office of an international courier company when John, a 26-year-old customer-service supervisor, received an enticing Facebook message from a woman calling herself Samantha Cheng.

After introducing herself, the woman asked John (not his real name) to switch to Skype and then invited him to go somewhere private for a video chat. “I went to the male toilet in the office and started video chatting with Samantha,” John later recalled in a police statement.

She was released a month later and rearrested last September.