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It has helped me a lot and happy such a place likes this.

“As far as Ethiopian musicians are concerned I like Mulatu Astatke for being the father of Ethio Jazz,” he said. He IS faithful to watch over His Word to perform and NEVER buy into the lies of condemnation. AND by the third month there were NO vital signs of the disease AT ALL! If you stumble, KNOW that God IS a God of mercy, favor, grace AND love.You have to apply these three keys to your situation.There is no other ‘Godly’ solution to overcoming satanic attacks.Even if that idiot attacks you again, never give up, at one point you will see them perish and you will be free permanently There are three keys of overcoming every evil. Read the verses carefully and ask the Holy Spirit to expound them to you.

Verse 16 contains the Faith key- the Bible calls it the ‘Shield of faith’.

The five-piece group have played varying styles of music in the past, but currently we are focusing on a fusion of Jazz, Ethio- Jazz, Rhythm & Blues and other world music.

These are the musicians I will be traveling with for years to come.

Read more » Elias Negash, second from left, is the leader of Retroz Band - a jazz ensemble based in the Bay Area. (Courtesy photo) Tadias Magazine Art Talk | By Tadias Staff Updated: Thursday, February 16, 2012 New York (TADIAS) – The latest CD by California-based musician Elias Negash, whose songwriting combines Ethiopian music with international influences, is entitled .

Members of the group, left to right, are: Anthony Lincoln, Lead vocals & Tenor Sax, Elias Negash, Piano, Keyboards & Vocals, Louie Moon Robinson, L & R. “It is a reflection of the various dynamic genres incorporated into the music,” Elias said in a recent interview with Tadias Magazine.

“And Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru’s Classic piano solo album.