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Cloth Ball: These tough balls are made from canvas.They're about the size of a softball and can be used for countless games.

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Slate Chalk Boards have a piece of slate for the writing surface and therefore both sides are the same and can be used.

Battledore & Shuttlecock( or Jeu de Volantis ): is an outdoor game played since the earliest American Settlements.

It is an ancestor to both modern badminton and table tennis.

Many kids could be kept busy for hours with just one of these balls and a stick for a bat. Leather Ball: This is the ball that comes with Knurr and Spell. Knurr and Spell: Long before baseball became the official American past time, a variety of ball and bat games were popular. The object of the game was to hit the ball as far as possible toward a measured target.

The spell is a small hard ball that was shot into the air when the Spell was hit with a stick or bat.

48 Piece Set: Contains 48 wooden blocks in various shapes and sizes.

62 Piece Set: Contains 62 wooden blocks in various shapes and sizes.

It is similar to, but much easier than the Bilboquet, which has the ball landing on a pointed stick instead of inside a cup. Play with others and see who can score the majority of points by catching the ball the most.

Do not let this toy fool you; it takes good hand dexterity to score.

Wagon of Blocks: Sturdy wagon holds and stores 48 blocks in 11 different shapes. Wagon measures: 18-1/2" long x 12" wide x 4-1/2" high.

These are the chalk / slate boards that the children used in school during the 18th (1700s), 19th (1800s) and into the early 20th (1900s) centuries. They used them to practice their Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

Each toy is packaged in a poly bag with a history and instruction sheet.