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Dr Pepper Snapple Group was introducing TEN™, 10-calorie versions of five soda brands, into a competitive and crowded soda and beverage category. ORG domain (the third largest domain with nearly 10.5 million registrations), Public Interest Registry aims to be a part of the Internet evolution by not only strengthening international brand awareness of its flagship offering .

Youth smoke it and experience negative health and psychological effects.Clorox joined the conversation on mess, inserted its products as solutions and made mess fun.Online conversations discussing Clorox increased, consumers began making a connection between life’s messes and Clorox, the team put several hundred dirty terms up in our lexicon of laughter and more than 5.5K “Bleachable Moments” were confessed. Committee, a (501 (c)(3) organization in Annapolis, MD, dedicated the first national memorial to the foot soldiers of the 1963 March on Washington.Now imagine announcing such a move for a Fortune 300 company with more than 26,000 employees.Hertz faced this challenge in May 2013 when it planned to announce it was relocating its corporate headquarters from New Jersey to Florida.The media campaign included an exclusive in As Clorox entered its Centennial year, it was clear today’s consumers, or “Newly Responsibles,” were losing touch with the hard-scrubbing ways of their parents.

To make Clorox relevant to today’s generation of cleaners, we needed to show how laughable life’s messes can be once the mess is gone.

Modern graphics paired with an outreach strategy throughout the month-long observance resulted in more than 15,000 new page ‘likes,’ high engagement with content (comments, shares, and ‘likes’), and greater reach to audiences most at risk for stroke. Then, we created the “DTour of a Lifetime” competition – a search for six “DTourists” to travel to one of the six continents with Double Tree properties. Navy contracted Booz Allen Hamilton to develop and implement a social marketing campaign to encourage Sailors to drink responsibly.

back to top This year, the Internet, as we know it, will change. Each “DTourist” embarks on a two- to four-week trip and shares highlights on DTour. The “Keep What You’ve Earned” campaign, launched in April 2013, aims to encourage Sailors to drink responsibly through the use of affirmative messaging, reminding them of all they have accomplished in their Navy careers.

Octane launched the first comprehensive youth synthetic marijuana social marketing campaign -- K2 Zombie DC -- to educate youth about the dangers of the drug. Army” may have worked for Uncle Sam, but budget cuts and competition present the U. Army entirely new challenges for recruiting the best of the best—even from within the U. back to top Announcing that you’re moving from your hometown is never easy.

Octane created compelling advertising/materials and engaged youth at events, via social media as well as with an interactive website resulting in increased awareness about this drug. Even on a small scale, there’s a lot at stake including the unknown reactions of friends and family members.

In line with its long history as a road safety advocate, and on behalf of 54 million members and the American public, AAA stepped in to shed light on a new concern: cognitive distraction.

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