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Det er dog ikke alle piger på Larrys liste, der er lige begejstrede for den slags 'Blind Dating'.Det er speed-dating med blindestav og på helt eget ansvar, når Larry og Danny går i gang med handikaphjælp for viderekomne. Noget andet er at møde den rigtige - når man ikke kan se hende.

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Brother Larry (Eddie Kaye Thomas) arranges a succession of disastrous dates but Danny thinks he may have found his soulmate in Leeza (Anjali Jay) except she has committed herself to an arranged marriage.

Even the realistic brotherly chemistry between Pine and Thomas can’t save the flick, which isn’t too surprising considering most of their scenes together also include prostitutes or horrible one-liners.

Unless you’re looking for some quality unintentional comedy, Blind Dating isn’t worth seeing.

Do they end up together…you’ll just have to wait and see (yuk yuk yuk).

The filmmakers’ major problem, other than their obvious B-Movie aspirations, is that they never decided exactly what sort of film they wanted to make.

Likeable enough until a corny finale, Blind Dating is directed by James Keach.

His wife Jane Seymour plays a therapist who can’t help stripping off during sessions with Danny.

The quality is fine, the film looks crisp and clean in the widescreen 1.78:1 format and the Dolby 5.1 surround sound balances the music and voice tracks well.

The DVD is subtitled in English, French and Spanish but the main attraction is the descriptive soundtrack for the visually impaired, a considerate move with regard to the film’s subject matter, though no amount of description can really make the film any more enjoyable.

To soften the blow, Leeza assures Danny that she too is a virgin, as if this news really makes getting dumped any more pleasant.

As Danny’s surgery puts his life at risk, Leeza has to weigh her responsibilities to her family against the yearnings of her heart.

A simple story where Chris Pine plays a blind young man who thinks he finds love with an Indian woman, though their relationship is fraught with all sorts of cultural differences, that lead to comedy and a good flick that leaves you with all sorts of warm feelings.

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