Dating yourself graeme gerrard

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Dating yourself graeme gerrard

As their defence collapsed under the sheer weight of the prosecution evidence, the jury saw hundreds of examples of their fake goods, the duo turned on each other, Walker saying he bought the fraudulent items from Madani in good faith and Madani claiming the cheating took place at his business partner's end of the chain.As a redhead, it’s hard to not go through life and hear things about your ginger hair.

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You took all that money off us."Walker and Madani had claimed hundreds of autographs of Premiership stars including Sir Alex Ferguson, Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard, and David Beckham, were genuine - albeit sourced by "shady" means.Madani was convicted of 18 of the 20 charges against him including supplying many of the items to Walker.He was cleared of selling a photograph with a fake signature of Gerrard.Madani claimed he supplied auction websites and other shops selling sporting memorabilia across the world.He was also the "primary supplier" of merchandise to the Sporting Icons store, owned by Walker.Two businessmen accused of ripping off their customers by forging and selling sports stars' signatures were today found guilty.

Faisal Madani, 43, and Graeme Walker, 45, were convicted after a five-week trial which heard from star prosecution witnesses Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard and Ian Rush as well as evidence from Jonny Wilkinson.Star witnesses in the case were Michael Owen and Steven Gerrard, who appeared in the witness box to give evidence for the prosecution.The jury also heard from England rugby hero Jonny Wilkinson - who cast aside threats made by Walker in an email to his management company - to challenge their right to rip off his fans.They said club workers supplied the memorabilia, paid for with "cash in brown envelopes" and some players took part in signing sessions as "payment in kind" for luxurious holidays abroad.But Madani, an international businessman nicknamed Mr Dubai, and his associate Walker faced ruin today after they were convicted of of supplying and selling the forgeries.Both defendants looked to the floor as the guilty verdicts were returned.

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