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Its job is to examine every object emitted by the pipeline to see if that object meets some criterion.

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Please consult the notes on embedded documents for a comparison of .

That's a nice example of combining several separate Power Shell cmdlets (get the users, grab just their names and lastlogondates, and sort them by those lastlogondates), but it's probably a little more than you really want. In past columns (such as in “Doubling Up Active Directory Power Shell Cmdlets” and “3 Power Shell Account Tweaks”), I've talked about using two-part cmdlets in Power Shell—the "filter" cmdlet (which finds just the user accounts that meet some criterion) and the "hammer" cmdlet (which does something to that discovered subset of AD users).

You might also recall that I’ve discussed a handful of "filter" cmdlets: takes over.

It is currently being consumed by Facebook (see their documentation), Google (see their documentation), and mixi.

It is being published by IMDb, Microsoft, NHL, Posterous, Rotten Tomatoes, TIME, Yelp, and many many others.

User agents must render alternate text when they cannot support images, they cannot support a certain image type or when they are configured not to display images.

This attribute may be used to specify the location of the object's data, for instance image data for objects defining images, or more generally, a serialized form of an object which can be used to recreate it.

element allows HTML authors to specify everything required by an object for its presentation by a user agent: source code, initial values, and run-time data.

In this specification, the term "object" is used to describe the things that people want to place in HTML documents; other commonly used terms for these things are: applets, plug-ins, media handlers, etc. In both cases, the embedded document remains independent of the main document.

For example, some objects may not require data (e.g., a self-contained applet that performs a small animation). Still others may not require additional implementation information, i.e., the user agent itself may already know how to render that type of data (e.g., GIF images).

The outermost declaration specifies an applet that requires no data or initial values.

For instance, this is used on Facebook to allow any web page to have the same functionality as any other object on Facebook.

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