Chuck liddell dating anna trebunskaya

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Chuck liddell dating anna trebunskaya

The 11 remaining celebs were asked to bring it to four new styles of dance—country two-step, lambada, bolero and Charleston—all of which brought us to another place or time, be it the Jazz Age or 1990, when at the box office. Anyway, the actors had a leg up when it came to playing a character (i.e.'20s flapper) and the long-legged hotties held the advantage when it came to hip-swiveling Brazilian sensuality.

"The character of this is Gilles Marini—you're not doing that," Bruno pointed out, while even the usually proper Len wanted more raunch.

Lacey pretty much stole the show, and we sensed more awkwardness in Mark's performance than the judges did, but it's hard not to root for him. Len would have liked "a bit more swivel," but Carrie Ann compared watching Kelly dance to "watching a little birdie getting her winds and learning to fly."Score: 23Joanna Krupa & Derek Hough: Well, that was raunchy.

It's kind of a blur, actually—Derek took his shirt off and then everything went white. "[The lambada] is fueled by the crotch area."Score: 26Donny Osmond & Kym Johnson: Are you surprised that Donny was great at the Charleston? "You look good, you dance good, and good," Len said appreciatively.

But we love any night on Chuck Liddell & Anna Trebunskaya: Turns out the country two-step wasn't the dance that was going to make the UFC champ look light on his feet after all.

Chuck was his usual charming self, and for a nonprofessional he looked like the kind of guy you'd want hoisting you into the air, but otherwise…

But from what we saw through the fog, it looked like what Len would call a "proper lambada." "I tell you folks, don't try this at home without taking necessary precaution! "Let's just say, I hope the children were in bed," agreed Carrie Ann. Carrie Ann noticed a stumble and Bruno wished his kicks were sharper, but both admitted that the veteran entertainer was in his element.

Score: 24Michael Irvin & Anna Demidova: There wasn't much in their bolero, but we've been Cowboy fans and will be until the NFL Hall of Famer is retired from this competition permanently.

"I hope that the children were in bed," joked Carrie Ann Inaba, referring to the sexual nature of the dance.

"I bet some of the adults are now," retorted sly host Tom Bergeron.

Irvin later said he picked the color because it reminded him of good times watching Barney, the purple dinosaur, with his children.

It must have inspired him, he scored his highest score of the season to date with a 23.

"You were the embodiment of the supreme seductress," said judge Bruno Tonioli.

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