Invalidating connection

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Invalidating connection

Delete and immediately re-cache files when web sites are likely to receive simultaneous client requests for the same page.

Issue an HTTP request that causes Dispatcher to delete files from the cache.

It will then be the publishing environment (not the AEM authoring environment) that sends a cache invalidation request to Dispatcher when a published page is received.

Such circumstances include: The dispatcher flush is controlled by a replication agent operating on the publish instance.

representing data that is obtained from a third-party system to display news, stock tickers, etc.).

Issue an HTTP request that causes Dispatcher to delete cached files, and immediately retrieve and recache the file.

For more information see the Configure Replication and Transport Users section of the Security Checklist.

A replication agent on the AEM author instance sends a cache invalidation request to Dispatcher when a page is published.

For example, you can create an AEM application that enables administrators or other applications to flush the cache.

The HTTP request causes Dispatcher to delete specific files from the cache.

Dispatcher caches the files again only when it recieves a client request for the page.

Deleting cached files ins this manner is appropraite for web sites that are not likely to receive simultaneous requests for the same page. This can be used to flush particular resources without invalidating other parts of the cache, like JSON data that is dynamically created and requires regular flushing independent of the cache (e.g.

For more information about using ESI invalidation, see Section 11.3.

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