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In 2009, excavations in the Ophel, an area adjacent to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, uncovered the clay impression of the seal of Hezekiah.

This project is one of several synagogues being excavated near the epicenter of Jesus’ ministry, providing new insights into worship communities in the centuries after Jesus.

Early in 2015, archaeologists announced the excavations of a former Turkish prison near Jerusalem's Jaffa Gate would be open to the public via guided tours.

The site is believed to have been the location of Herod's palace 2,000 years ago, and possibly the site of the trial of Jesus before Pilate.

Ten-year-old Matvei Tcepliaev, a tourist from Russia, participated in the Temple Mount Sifting Project during his family's visit to Jerusalem.

Amidst the dirt that is the focus of this project—illegally excavated from the Temple Mount in 1999—he discovered a seal dating to the time of King David and the Jebusites, 3,000 years ago.

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This is not the same Eshba’al who is referenced in 1 Chronicles , a son of King Saul, but that's the only other mention of the name in ancient records, both from the identical era.

Excavations at Lachish in 2014 turned up an ostracon (clay potsherd with writing) dating to around 1130 B. The meaning of the nine-letter Canaanite inscription is unclear, but the excavators say it provides significant information about the development of the Canaanite alphabet, and ultimately Hebrew, Greek, and Latin alphabets.

Israeli archaeologists were amazed to see the first 8 verses of the book of Leviticus, making the 1,500-year-old Ein Gedi scroll the oldest known book of the Bible outside of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Seales' ability to decode CT scans of ancient carbonized texts may open the door to recovering many more ancient documents, including an entire library of a Roman villa destroyed in the eruption of Mt. D., as well as discarded papyrus documents used to create Egyptian mummy casings.

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