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Don’t worry – most schools welcome senior participation, recognizing that you have much to offer. Here are some tasters: The downside of all these tempting learning opportunities?

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He called his estate "Belmont," a name that was subsequently adopted by the adjacent village.In fact, according to a 2008 study by the American Council on Education, at least 60 percent of accredited, degree-granting educational institutions nationwide offer tuition waivers for senior learners. states – including New York – have mandated tuition waivers and/or discounts for older adults at public colleges and universities.A number of colleges allow seniors to audit classes at no charge, and others offer hefty tuition discounts for classes taken for credit. Some Ivy League schools offer opportunities, too; an example is Columbia University‘s Lifelong Learners auditing program, where seniors are “silent citizens” of the classroom unless invited to speak!Designed by architect Albert Austin Bennett, the Queen Anne Cottage and Coach Barn were built for Elias J. Painted red and white the buildings are listed together on the National Register as remarkable examples of Victorian architecture as well as the surrounding landscape which is a rare remnant Victorian landscape in Southern California.The historic Bernhard Museum Complex has seen over 150 years of history roll by.City of Alameda Monument #26, the family home of renowned architect Henry H.

Meyers, responsible for many civic structures in the East Bay.

One enterprising individual started compiling a site that would serve this purpose but apparently ran out of steam and then failed to update it.

Still, the site – A Senior Citizen Guide for College – might be a starting point.

States do little to publicize their waivers and discounts for seniors, and there’s no website that will give you all the answers.

In fact, every aspect of these programs – age, income, residential and educational eligibility, enrollment deadlines – varies from program to program, so you’ll have to do some web searching to learn what’s available specifically for you.

To find out whether your state mandates free or reduced-cost college tuition for seniors, do a Google search for [your state] tuition program senior citizens” (for example, “New York State tuition program senior citizens).

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