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maintenance OABC RACSTABL Depreciation areas/value transfer OABD RACSTABL Depreciation areas/param.areas/gross transfer OABK RACLSDEL Delete asset class OABL SAPMA10C C AM Reset Company Code OABM RACSTABL Depreciation areas/Transfer of resv OABN RACSTABL Depreciation areas/ordinary deprec.

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Cheers, Erwin Hi, We have worked on a similar requirement ,just check if its useful to you. Click on layout and go to get from dictionary and select the field you need to add and click ok.

This document will discuss loading Material Master data using the standard load program RMDATIND and provides a simple guide in how to overcome the common problems in migrating Material Master into SAP.

This program generates coding for the function modules required totransfer data to the material master.

Requirement: You have to add the custom field in SAP standard table EKKO. When user enters any input into the field it should get updated in the database. Then, click on the pushbutton u2018Enhancement Assignmentsu2019 in the Application Toolbar.

Note: EKKO table is meant for Purchasing document header, you should add the field in the header level for ME21n screen. In the next popup window, click pushbutton u2018Information systemu2019. Then mention the particular package name of the transaction you need to enhance. Then, come to the initial screen of SMOD and view the documentation of each enhancement to find out which one is required for your development.

See Configure Customised Material Master paragraph Requirements.

Create new sub-screen or add new fields to screen SAPLYMM1 9001. Change flow logic to add fields to field: statement and to add any validation required. If this is the first time additional data has been added to material master it will be necessary to create a new function group and associated programs.

This is a display program which reads the same input as RMDATIND and displays it in a readable format. Run RMDATING: This program generates code and only needs to be run once regardless of how many times the dataload is run.

You can check that the output from YMM1001A is in the correct format by running RMDATSHO. Can be run in check mode first by checking box Check data, but do not update.

It is possible to calculate this dynamically when the analysis is run and to display the result.

Create your own structure in LIS and populate it by copying the Moving Average Price from the material master every time there is a OAA3 OAKOMM00 SAP Archive Link protocols OAA4 OAKOMM06 SAP Archive Link applic.

Change the first occurrence of 0001 (blank screen) to new screen number. Add to transport manually:- R3TR TABU T130F individual keys.