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I hope you will join me on my journey and that we experience the power of breaking bread together!

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I should also mention that I've pledged to raise £500 for TREEAID to aid in the planting of 1 million trees and any money left over from the £1000 will be going straight to the cause. I lucked my way into a postgraduate traveling fellowship that supports me for a year of solo travel.

I have a trusty steed, tightly packed panniers and no particular deadlines. In July 2016 I started a bike trip from Poland to Asia. I'm cycling on my own but was joined by a friend (a girl) for some time in the summer. I got inspired to cycle by another girl cycling solo, then I found WOW Wall and discovered there are so many great women out there. I still feel like I’ve just gotten started on my world tour, and I’m so ridiculously excited to know - that I really DON’T know - what’s in store for me these upcoming couple of years.’ "My name is Anna and I just recently graduated college in the U. Growing up in Germany, I always loved traveling and experiencing new people, food or scenery.

I am honoured to be pinned to your Wall :-) You can find more about my trip on my blog. After four years in New York, I felt like I didn't know a lot about the United States, so I decided to turn my cheap road bike into a touring bike and start touring across America.

I've set a target of spending no more than £1000 on the entire trip. In 3 years, 3 months, I’ve made it almost around the world, cycling on land and hitchhiking on sailing boats across the oceans...“Thank you so much for the WOW Wall.

So far it's turning out pretty cheap - I'll soon be handed over a free bike and gear - a bike which has already ventured through Spain and will soon be headed across Germany – and there’s a chance I’ll be given free hostel accommodation at the start and end of the ride. It is a great source of inspiration as I sit here, am in Fiji, unable to stop reading everything I can get my hands on about my upcoming bike tour.

After backpacking and city hoping, it was clear that long epic trip that required nature and physical activity, she walked 900 km across the Camino Frances in Northern Spain, followed by cycling 6700 km across Canada, solo and self-supported.

An avid photographer, advocate for the environment and lover of picnics in the park, you can read all about her adventures, photographs and musings, on her blog.Please send photos, blogs, suggestions to [email protected] 40 years of working, in celebration of her retirement, Elaine set off on an epic British adventure on her bicycle!You can follow my adventures on my " My name is Lydia, and I am geek about food and how it's grown.I want to better understand the agricultural situation of South and Central America from the view of my bicycle.This year I am set to embark on an adventure I have never attempted before; bicycle touring.

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