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She’s just got the biggest heart and she’s incredibly well organized.She inherited the Bond franchise, and she produces those films, so she has evolved into this absolutely extraordinary woman.

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Why do you think that’s so impactful for audiences?She’s just a fine human being, as well as being a great pro. All of us who were on this and who put ourselves into it felt a great responsibility to make this work and to make the things that we wanted to do happen, in a way that was real and believable and, at the same time, not sentimental. There are a few scenes in the movie that we made up.So, I did feel a great responsibility to her family, as well. I wanted to just meet him and talk to him and ask him ten billion questions, but it wasn’t the time. Paul Mc Guigan, the director, set a tone, when we were preparing the film.The book is so powerful because it’s from Peter’s point of view, so I didn’t know if going into Gloria’s point of view would work, or if that would shift things and not be accepted. That was so much his doing and his directorial choice that was really a great idea, so we did it that way. People connect to it, and it’s really gratifying to see that people like that and that it works. The work that we did, during that time, helped a lot and helped Jamie and I get to know each other. I’m sure much will get made about the fact that this is an older woman and a younger man because that’s not what we usually see in a relationship, but I love that we get to see an older woman who is confident and sexual and makes no apologies for that. I don’t know how old you are, but I think there are many, many more women than what maybe the average person might think who are just as interested as everything Gloria was interested in, at her age. We all have these sides of ourselves, and she was a really complicated person.

What was that like to express, through this relationship? There are people who are falling in love and falling out of love, having relationships, and having sex lives, like Gloria was. Basically, it’s a love story, and they had this incredible connection.Even though we did not contact her family and I wanted to respect their privacy completely, her son Tim, who’s in the film briefly at the end, saw it when we were in London and he liked it very much. I hope that another time, I can spend time with him and just ask him what their lives were like. Before shooting, we were all together for a couple of weeks, so we had a chance to all really get to know each other. We had our writer there and we all worked together to get it to the best place it could possibly be.How did you find the experience of working on this dynamic with Jamie Bell? There was quite a bit of work done, during that period.He told "But if Liverpool can stop their creaking in big matches when put under pressure then it will be a good deal for Liverpool.“People will forget about the money that has been spent in a year or two if they can win trophies and get the defence right."Liverpool have to get the defence right, in the bigger matches they do stress quite quickly and can crack.“So from their point of view, paying that sort of money hopefully it pays off, but for Southampton they would snap your hand off for £75m."Over the last few years they have lost some good players for good money but nothing at this level.She also talked about what attracts her to a project and what gets her to say no, and working with writer/director Dan Fogelman on ANNETTE BENING: Barbara Broccoli, who is one of the producers of the movie, are friends. We just met through mutual friends, and she and Peter Turner, who wrote the book the movie was based on, are friends.