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Right then the FBI knocked on my door.” Soon after, and then for about two years, the activists had to worry about the government’s threat of 15 years in prison and half a million dollars in fines for each person—and they had to worry largely by themselves, losing jobs and friends.“The whole experience was very isolating,” Josh Covelli (aka Absolem) told The Cryptosphere.

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Don Husband (aka Soma Cake and Ananon) told The Cryptosphere his story of that pre-dawn morning. Every time you go to sleep for a few weeks afterward, you’re afraid you’re going to hear that ‘Bang bang bang! ’ I opened the door, and they put lights in my face. You could hear agents on the walkie-talkie going through each room. Keith Downey (aka Piss Storm) told The Cryptosphere, “I was reading that morning on about the FBI going around raiding Anons again, but the article didn’t say which ones.A few days after the Pay Pal sit-in, he DDo Sed the county in objection to anti-homeless public sleeping laws.The prosecutors failed—possibly forgot—to have a damage report ready, so the Court determined they had not met their burden and considered Covelli’s Santa Cruz action irrelevant.In that way LOIC attacks distinguish themselves from typical spammer or black hat attacks in that they do not involve people who have not given consent.The digital sit-in won huge, although brief, attention in the media, establishing hacktivism as a force and sending the loud, make-no-mistakes message that censorship by the powerful would be met by retaliation from the Anonymous gestalt.But the prosecutors, standing by the lectern quietly, offered no evidence of violations—so the Court readily approved their dropping of the felony Computer Fraud and Abuse Act charge of conspiring to intentionally damage a protected computer.

The Department of Justice even came up empty-handed when Judge Jensen asked, for purposes of calculating Josh Covelli’s ransom/restitution payment, about that activist’s digital protest against the Santa Cruz county government.

If you talked about the Pay Pal 14: crickets.” Indeed—despite the thousands who participated and many more who expressed agreement—it appeared that only about five or so concerned activists attended the sentencing, and I was the single journalist there.

Legal ordeals continue for the often-overlooked Dennis Collins (aka Owen), not due at the hearing.

The day we got arrested, Commander X did an interview on CBS, wearing a camo bandanna, talking about owning everyone’s bases, destroying the Anonymous idea that people should actually be anonymous.

I thought if Commander X was going to get support, we should get support too. If you talked about Lulz Sec or Aaron Barr, there was coverage everywhere.

But then the bureau extended the period to 120 days.