Dating a quadriplegic woman

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Dating a quadriplegic woman - dating tips for shy teenagers

The fact that my husband and I shared our first kiss at the altar usually gets plenty of incredulous gasps.

I innocently assumed that all of that work on both our parts to remain chaste would pay off with a hot, passionate sex life after we had finally said "I do." I assumed this Neither of us had had any personal experience, we hadn't had candid talks with other married friends, and I hadn't really even had an adequate sex education class in school.

Kids are told to avoid it until they're married, and that's very often the end of the conversation.

What if we started speaking as frankly about sex as our secular counterparts do?

There is a time and a place for everything, and I don't think all of these nitty gritty details are appropriate there.

But they appropriate to discuss in Christian circles — with mentors, in discipleship groups, or with trusted friends.

What if we talked frankly about the mechanics and the pleasure of sex?

What if we shared amusing tales of awkward first times?

After talking with doctors and therapists, I began to realize that decades of "saving myself" had subconsciously convinced me that sex was actually bad, something to be avoided and not thought about.

And now that it was "good," my body didn't know what to do, because it had spent so many years not letting itself get too excited around members of the opposite sex.

Of course this doesn't happen 100% of the time, but it is far more prevalent than it should be.

The "S-word" (sex) is completely taboo in many, many Christian circles.

For all of my struggles, I do not regret being raised in a Christian home, and I still have a strong faith.