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Abused by his own father, an older adolescent named Perry (Jason Hayes) takes a shine to the outcast. Directors: Jan Dalchow, Lars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen Writers: Jan Dalchow, Lars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen Stars:…

A relationship between two teenagers bordering between love and friendship.

A moment in which the Eagles host a dome team in January; a team that hasn’t played a game in temperatures less than 50 degrees in more than three years. It is a moment in which they begin their second season, in which they expect to win three games.

Maybe you don’t expect that, but they do, and they’re excited about it. After all, is this moment so different from September?

They will need a good running game and a stout defense. With Wentz, this was a great team, but every great team gets bonus production, and that was the case.

They will need Foles to make a couple of downfield throws, and they will need to limit turnovers. Right guard Brandon Brooks has earned a Pro Bowl spot. Cornerbacks Jalen Mills and Patrick Robinson played above their pay grade.

When the Eagles lost Jason Peters, Darren Sproles, Jordan Hicks, and Ronald Darby, they rolled right along.

Eventually, they treated themselves to Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi at the Halloween trade deadline. The best quarterback doesn’t always win, especially in the early rounds. They feel the collective pessimism around the city, around the country and, endlessly, on TV. So, four months later, the Eagles again don’t really care what you think.Most of them realize that, these days, we focus as much on the forecast as the outcome, and they know that forecasts aren’t foolproof. It is a moment in which they’re 13-3, a top seed against a bottom seed.You’d think Trump and Brexit would have proven that. A moment in which they’re coming off a bye week, rested, refreshed, refocused; unlike the Falcons, who had to win in Los Angeles last week to make it to Philly for the second round.They briefly boycotted the press, and, by association, you.