Carbon dating of shroud of turin

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Stephen Mattingly of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, provided another argument against the carbon-dating results.

Saunders is pastor of Our Lady of Hope Parish in Potomac Falls and a professor of catechetics and theology at Notre Dame Graduate School in Alexandria. Saunders' work, his new book entitled Straight Answers (400 pages) is available at the Pauline Book and Media Center of Arlington, Virginia (703/549-3806).

In particular some Carbon-14 would have been generated from Carbon-13.

If we assume that the shroud is 1950 years old and that the neutrons were emitted thermally,…

This bioplastic coating is almost like plaque on teeth, and would have grown especially at the corner of the shroud where it was handled so much.

Receiving a small sample of threads, Garza-Valdes determined the presence of a bioplastic coating on the shroud which has “coccal-shapped bacteria and filiamentous mold-like organisms,” sometimes increasing the diameter of the fibers as much as 60%.

Finally, no medieval artist had the skill to paint a negative image or the perfection of the image with such subtle coloration. (This subject was discussed by members of the STURP team, but they did not arrive at a conclusion.) The color of the shroud image is “yellow or straw yellow” as classified by the STURP team.

The image is a surface image, affecting the topmost fibers only without any apparent penetration to any depth (again disproving the “painting” theory).Contamination to the shroud could alter the accuracy of the carbon dating.Exposure to years of candle soot in the cathedral and Turin pollution, the drenching with water during the fire, and the accumulation of minuscule fragments of deteriorating ceiling frescos would give the shroud a coating which could in turn skew the carbon-dating results.Moreover, a corner sample which over the years had been handled by many individuals would probably be contaminated.Such items enrich the carbon content and would make the shroud appear substantially younger than its true age when carbon-dated. Leoncio Garza-Valdes of the University of Texas, working with microbiologist Dr.Actually, when one thinks of Jesus rising body and soul from the dead in a radically transformed existence, such a scientific theory is enticing.