Norton not updating virus definitions

29-Feb-2020 22:35 by 3 Comments

Norton not updating virus definitions

This FAQ applies to Live Update version 3.0.1 and earlier and Mac OS X 10.3 Panther.

The majority of new antivirus programs (programs or computers purchased after the year 2000) enable users to update their antivirus program through the software.

If you do not have an antivirus program installed on your computer, we strongly recommend purchasing one at your local electronics store or downloading one from the Internet.

Links to popular antivirus programs are listed further down this same page.

Once the updates have been installed, Live Update should delete these temporary files from yourdirectory. Over time, these files accumulate, wasting valuable disk space.

Depending on how often you run Live Update to update virus definitions, and the frequency of updates to Norton Anti Virus or Live Update that are released by Symantec, the space occupied by these leftover, temporary files can be considerable. One year after reporting the bug, were notified by Symantec that the bug has been fixed in Live Update version 3.0.2.

We discovered a bug in Live Update® version 3.0.1 and earlier, a component of Symantec® Norton Anti Virus® for Macintosh® version 9.x, under Mac® OS X 10.3 Panther®.

This FAQ provides a procedure for removing temporary files left by Live Update after updating your Symantec Norton Anti Virus virus definitions or product files with Live Update.

Some antivirus programs do not include an update utility.

If you are using such software, you should be able to download new virus definitions directly from the developers web page.

I too have Avast 5 on my system, and its working great.

I have been using Avast from quite some years, and never had problems in updating the virus definitions.

For the past 8 days, MSE shows 'definitions are up-to-date' though there has been no download for the past 8 days. The reason I am asking is because I restarted my PC today and I got a pop up msg from MSE 'defs out of date'.