The times dating review

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The times dating review - dating a thug

I have tried three different online dating sites, Zoosk, Plenty of Fish, and Our Time.

I signed up to this site in hope meeting a mate or date.

I attempted to contact customer service but couldn't select a category and even that didn't work.

If I even thought I would pay money for this program I certainly wouldn't because of its primitive set up and poor reviews.

Like others keep sending people from across the US. And what's with these flirt and messages when my profile's hidden? When I was on the site the most views I would get in a day was 5 max!!

I've only been on a couple days and it smells of a scam through and through. After letting it lapse within in 24 hours I had over 50 views within that time frame.

I signed up on January 3, paid for one month membership. I met the first guy who turned out to be a scammer. On January 18, my Paypal was charged and the auto renewal was activated.

I logged into my account to find that someone hacked my account and had been sending messages to other men.I had preferences that were not met either years younger or lived out of state. Check them out the best you can, use Google or whatever you can to check them out before you give them any info about you. But some of what I've found is a phone number that said "dangerous", an address that doesn't exist, different pictures and info/profile on FB, and even one who changed his picture and age right after I gave him an email address (I printed out both profiles). The site has consistently matched me with people from a different time zone, people 20 years older than me and 20 years younger than me. It automatically sends flirts from you to people you have not even viewed. Go to settings and try to cancel the auto renewal... Please Consumer Affairs Email or Call, please leave me a message as I don't answer unknown callers. I was getting likes and views just about every other day from “Our Time” until I actually paid for three months. Right off there was a problem with inputting date of birth.I filed a complaint today on 3 of them, but there are more I could have. And be sure you set up a new and separate email account to use. I sent an email 4 days into my paid membership with no reply, which after I called today they told me they could not find my email. They refused me a refund even though they did not provide the service they should have. Then you will receive Flirts and messages from across the nation from Beautiful women, when I would ask if this was a fake message. " They would respond, but not in any way mentioning my question. Me at this point I'm not really sure how to turn off the auto renewal. The system requires one to click the back arrow 60 times to get to the desired yr. My recommendation were never followed, they would send matches that never fit my profile. I would get 37 year olds from all over sending flirts/likes which I didn’t like, however as quickly as they came in they disappeared.Despite best efforts I've only received one reply out of hundreds by a woman who said that she wanted to meet but then disappeared.

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