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Marcy proposes a few interesting answers to this questions.

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i got my first corset about three years ago when i was working as a maid for a friend that owns a crossdressing botique,i always wanted one and since i am a crossdresser i got my first one and wore it and i then got another one which i still wear today.i love the way it gives me... My real corset is a black, 6 strap under bust corset from Axfords. Really thought I should have something over the bust like most girls.

With more wearing, I know I can get to 25", and my goal is to...

I am now wearing an old (maybe from 60:ies) corset marked "Williams".

The unfortunate truth, is that there is no simple, one line answer to these questions.

If there were, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article, and the debates on this topic would be silent.

The media like to think of cross dressing as a sexual perversion, and so naturally they see the desire to cross dress and purely for sexual gratification.

The problem with this theory is that when I (and many others) first felt the desire to cross dress I didn’t know what sex was.

A real corset is a steel boned garment (or in antique models you may find wood, bone or bound reeds) that is laced at... It was more or less the result of a dare, or at any rate in the nature of a bit of fun, and while I enjoyed it tremendously I didn't at the time envisage lacing up on any sort of regular basis. I am a man and I wear a corset but have reached the end of waist reduction possible for this corset it's actuality loose in so areas now my waist and hips are no problem but my ribs are another matter it's still very little but noticeably snug at my ribs now I have gained some... I believe she accepted my deviation and gave me silently access to girdles and corsets. i sometimes wear a black satin & lace corset under my masc clothes, if i wear stockings too you hear a delightfull swish as i walk ( at least i can ).

From the age of 10, I used to visit my glamorous unmarried auntie in Southport, Lancashire, UK. This morning I told my wife that I will celebrate 60 years of loving to wear corsets! It was a suggestion from a female Domme who helped me order my first corset. things get pretty crazy on the track and i have gotten into a few wrecks my self thankfuly unharmed.

Without the need to justify their behavior, and no longer shamed by society perhaps we will be better able to answer this baffling question.

I was walking home from school when I saw an old lady school teacher who was mean, and taught me grade 3.! That night I waited till everone was alseep and then slipped out the window. After having read a few stories and comments alike, I have discovered that there seems to be a misconception of what actually constitutes a corset. One occasion when I was 12, maybe 13, she was out of the house and I investigated the airing cupboard. Before meeting my wife I always had to borrow the corsets of my mother. So the first thing I saw was the waist reduction, and I liked how I looked in the mirror. Wearing a corset combined with 5" heels, and I had the feeling of... I was wondering if i was to wear a corset while i am racing would it help prevent back injuries providing i get into...

In my personal experience, the fascination with woman’s clothes started when I was very young.