Updating bios asus 1215n

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Updating bios asus 1215n - Ferr sex chat

The Second Hack: Adding the Start Icon Another helpful modification is adding the simple “start” icon to the bottom left side of the screen.

Windows XP: A Whole New Ball of Hacks The next stage of this guide is covering Windows XP on the Eee PC.

Scroll down (page down works so much faster), and find the line that says “Task Bar Show Start Menu”, and change the “0” next to it to “1”.

Now press “ctrl x”, hit “y” to save, and restart the Eee PC.

Now create a folder by typing “mkdir /home/user/.icewm”, and copying a configuration file to it typing “cp /etc/X11/icewm/preferences /home/user/.icewm/”.

() Now you open a text editor by typing “nano /home/user/.icewm/preferences”.

In the file that loads you will see two lines listing Asus servers that the Eee PC uses to pull in software applications over the web.

You will want to add an additional server, by moving the cursor down an additional line (press down till you hit the last filled line, then press end, then hit enter).

We also wanted to touch on upgrading the Eee PC, since its stock configuration doesn’t really have as much ram as what you would want for more stressing software.

Some users will probably enjoy the minimalistic Linux environment included on the Eee PC out of the box, and not want to drastically change anything … Jerry, our site editor, fell into this crowd and found that one program lacking from the Eee PC out of the box was Gimp, a photo editor.

This requires an external USB DVD drive, an XP installation disc with a valid Windows XP key, and the Asus DVD that came in the box with your Eee PC.

Asus included a multi-purpose DVD with the Eee PC designed to handle everything from driver installation in Windows, to recovery of the original Linux operating system.

Inside the file manager click on the “tools” option in the menu bar, and select the option to open a console window.

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