Dating hawaiian cattle ranchers

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Hawaii's unique breed of cowboy, the paniolo, derived his name from these Spaniards, or Espanoles.

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And he left his sophisticated, artistic mark on Parker Ranch, adorning his home, called Puuopelu, with the exquisite art and furniture pieces he had collected during his worldly travels." During Smart's life the Waimea area continued to grow.The Waimea Elementary School and the Waimea Hotel became a 400-bed hospital with modern medical facilities.The engineers dammed the Waikoloa stream, constructed reservoirs to supply water to the division and the town, and erected temporary Canek structures behind the St. An ice house helped marine cooks to turn out seeming tons of ice cream for delighted town children and adults.In 1815, Parker married Kipikane, the daughter of a high-ranking Hawaiian chief.The couple had a daughter and two sons and the Parker dynasty began as did the history of Parker Ranch which quickly became the largest ranch in the area. Colorful and skilled Latin American vaqueros (cowboys) arrived in 1832 on invitation from Hawaii's king to teach Hawaiians and foreign cattle hunters how to ride and rope the wild cattle. What we consider "American" cowboys date back only to the 1870s.As outlined in his biography on the Parker Ranch website:"Smart began improvements to Parker Ranch.

He restructured and expanded much of the cattle breeding and feeding procedures.

He improved the ranch headquarters and built the Parker Ranch Visitor Center with its museum, restaurant and saddle shop.

He leased land to Laurance Rockefeller, who was the catalyst to resort development along the Kona-Kohala Coast.

By the time the first Europeans arrived in Hawaii, the population had decreased to fewer than 2,000.

Within a few years as the sandalwood forests were cut down for shipment abroad, the human population was replaced by the offspring of black longhorn cattle given to Hawaiian King Kamehameha I by British Captain George Vancouver.

Controlling the growth would allow the community to maintain its rural "village" character yet provide future business, employment, and housing for residents.

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