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So, we took legal action — perhaps not the course most of us would have chosen – but it was the only viable option available to us. The first was filed against the City of Burlington for failing to have the F-35A basing reviewed under Vermont’s Act 250.Fortunately, we have the highly respected lawyer Jim Dumont, who is working for us at a reduced rate. Our case is powerful, and we have a good chance of winning. Our case was appealed to the Vermont Supreme Court, where the judges ruled against us. He will be assisted by a team of lawyers at the Supreme Court Clinic of the University of Texas Law School. To say the least, this represents an unusually high level of experience and expertise in matters before the Supreme Court.

The Air Force recommends retiring the fleets to save money, but a group of lawmakers has vowed to block the move.

Jim Dumont was able to convince a prestigious Washington, DC legal firm, which specializes in arguing cases in front of the U. Their legal fees for a typical case are in the 0,000 range. We expect the judge to rule on our case later this year.

And, while it is astounding that they are going to handle our case unless they think they can win the case. And, our success in getting the City of Winooski to join the lawsuit against the Air Force will definitely help. A few months ago, over 45 members of our local clergy signed a letter and about 20 of them held a press conference, urging our elected officials to re-think their support for the F-35A basing. there’s more: we received more national media attention.

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Not all of them are making the nightly news or USA Today.” by Sheila Mac Vicar May 15, 2015 BURLINGTON, Vt.

– After years of delays and busted budgets, America’s most expensive weapons system – the F-35 fighter jet – is starting its service.But in an unprecedented move, one of the judges wrote a separate document saying (in lay-terms) that they sympathized with us; but had to rule against us, as they believe Federal government rights trump states rights, BUT that we have a good chance of winning a lawsuit if we sue under the Public Nuisance statute. It is hard to over-emphasize the significance of this. Supreme Court is David Frederick — a former assistant U. Solicitor General, an expert in federal preemption law, and someone who has tried over 40 cases before the U. Each of these lawyers has served as a clerk to a U. Our second lawsuit against the Air Force is ongoing.However, this loss was actually a win in that it gave us an incredible opportunity. This firm routinely argues cases before the Supreme Court, and wins. Jim identified nine counts in which the Air Force in its Environmental Impact Statement violated requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act.[Full Article] By Brian Everstine April 22, 2015 The Air Force wants a less costly next-generation aircraft for close air support to replace the A-10, but there is no funding available for it and there likely will not be in the future, Chief of Staff Gen. Given a better budget environment, the service would want a new aircraft that could primarily focus on providing close support for ground troops, carry a lot of ordnance and do so more cheaply than other aircraft in the service’s fleet, Welsh said. [Full Article] By Brian Everstine April 28, 2015 If not allowed to retire the A-10, the Air Force says it will have to send F-16s to the boneyard and delay plans for the F-35 because there aren’t enough airmen to maintain both fighters.If lawmakers succeed in passing a bill requiring the Air Force to keep the A-10 in its fleet for another year, too few maintenance personnel would available to stand up the first operating unit of the F-35 at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, and even fewer to continue maintenance of the F-16, the service told congressional staff in a recent briefing.Be sure to share your wish lists with your local librarians too!

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